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Furniture Fittings Counting and Packing

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Model YJ-MC320
Pouch Size L50-180mm W40-140mm
Packing Speed1-50 pouch per minute
PowerAC100-240V; 50/60HZ; 1-3.5KW
Air Source0.4-0.6MPa
Machine Size L9500x W1600x H1600mm

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Bag Style Optional

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1-60 Furniture Fittings Mix Packing or Link Bag Packing

1>Counting exactly 1-1000pcs or more per bag or box;
2>Packing accuracy is 100% exactly;
3>PLC control and Touch Screen--Easy Operation;
4>One man operation.Realize unmanned workshop;
5>Less manpower and more mechanization, less management and more profit.

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>>Main Features
1>Machine in stainless steel material. Structure more strengthen with anti-rust capability.
2>Step motor for film drag structure, smooth film running and accurate bag cutting.
3>7inch touch screen, easy operation and multiple language for choice.
4>Separate PID temperature controller, suitable for various packing materials.
5>Vibration feeder with loadcell for accurate metering.
6>Imported photocell for optical screen sense system ensure accurate measuring.
7>Sophisticated sealing framework achieve the consistency of bag sealing and cutting.
8>A clear and well-arranged circuit layout for easy inspection and maintenance.
9>Machine automatically finish the process of filling, counting and packaging. 

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>> Custom-made Machine
The machine can be designed and manufactured for convenient operation with reasonable cost.
1>We provide videos and instruction manual to show the process of installation.
2>We provide training for installation for free in our factory.
3>We can send technician to buyer's factory to install the machine and provide training service. 

Optional Equipment

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>> After Sales Service

1>One year warranty.During the warranty if any of the parts broken not by man-made.

     We will free charge to replace the new one.

2>Free lifetime technique support.
3>After the warranty period, the spare parts for replacement are offered based on certain charge.

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>> FAQ  
Q1: How to find a Packing machine suitable for my products?
Tell us about your product details and packing requirements.
1>What kind of product you would liek to pack?
2>The bag/sachet/pouch size of you need for the product packing ( the length, width).
3>The weigh of each package.
4>The requirement for the machines and the bag style.
Q2: Is engineer available to serve oversea?
Yes, but the travel fee is responsible by you.

In order to save cost, we will send you a video of full details about the machine installation 

and assist you till the machine running smoothly.

Q3. How can we make sure about the machine quality after placking the order?
Before delivery, we will send you the pictures and videos to check the machine quality.
And also you can arrange for quality checking by yourself or your friends in China.
Q4. Can you explain me the whole transaction process ?
1>Sign the Contact
2>Arrange 50% deposit to our factory
3>Factory arrange manufacture
4>Testing & detecting the machine before shipping
5>Inspected by customer or third agency through online or site test.
6>Arrange the balance payment before shipment.
Q5: Will you provides the delivery service?

A: Yes. Please inform us of your final destination, we will check with our shipping 

agent to quote the shipping cost for your reference before delivery.  


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>>All kinds of furniture accessories, furniture styles are different, according to the number of fasteners applicable to each type is also different, automatic formal packaging machine is to solve this problem, the packaging amount of each kind of accessories can be set on the touch screen, the number of various fasteners required by each style of furniture can be set and saved, easy to save and call, reduce labor costs and operating errors, Greatly improve the packaging precision and speed of accessories.
>>Reduce manual counting and reduce management costs, 
>>Improve the degree of automation, easy to plant management.

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